Comprehensive Nurse Care


Licensed Nurse Care Manager Available 24/7

An experienced point person optimizing your health care & quality of life.

300+ Point Personalized Holistic Assessment

Focusing on Your Medical, Psychological, Financial, Legal, Spiritual & Home Safety Needs

Oversight & Management of Your Total Care Plan

Alleviating stress and confusion so you can enjoy life

Multi-Disciplinary Health Care Team

Physician, Pharmacist, Mental Health Specialist, Social Worker & more

Detailed Care Plan Development and Recommendations

An experienced point person optimizing your health care & quality of life.

Cost Effective and High Quality Solutions

An experienced point person optimizing your health care & quality of life.

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To determine if this service can benefit you, your loved one, or a client you serve, consider the following questions:

  • Do you feel confused or overwhelmed with your health care? Do you wish it felt organized, seamless, safe, & easier?
  • As a caregiver, do you often worry about how to care for your loved one for the short & long term?
  • I live far away from my aging parents and need resources for them to be safe, healthy, & happy.
  • Having an experienced health care advocate will alleviate my concerns, build my confidence, free up time, save money & encourage an enjoyable life?
  • I do not understood the key components of my health care, such as managing my diseases, medicines, treatments, and multiple doctor visits?
  • I feel like I have not been properly informed about my health care needs & cost effective solutions?
  • In the past, I’ve agreed to receiving treatments because I was unsure of what questions to ask?
  • Do you want to maintain your independence in your home but fear that your current health status may not allow you to do so?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, comprehensive nurse care management can be a solution for you, your loved one, or your client.

We define comprehensive nurse care management as having an experienced & licensed point person to oversee your health care and quality of life using a holistic person-centered approach.  Diversified Nurse Consultants are advocates for the whole person, not just your diagnosis, chronic disease, disability, or the “gaps” in your care.  We assess & problem-solve over 300 items aligned with your overall health care & quality of life.  This includes your medical, emotional, social, economic, legal, & spiritual domains.

With 24/7 availability, our nurse care managers champion continuity between all your medical & quality of life services.  Supported by a multi-disciplinary health care team, our goal is to ensure that your care is seamless and of the highest quality.  As a concierge service, we can devote the proper time needed to be thorough & sound in all we do for you.

Health care can be confusing, complex & stressful.  We are here to to make it clear, safe, and simple.  We assess, problem-solve, educate & advocate on your behalf.  We navigate the health care system, & coordinate the resources you need.  Let us remove the stress of it all so that you and your loved one can enjoy life.

We serve aging adults, adults with chronic diseases, & those with disabilities. We also tend to the needs of caregivers who are often overlooked.  When it comes to health care & achieving quality of life goals, everyone has unique needs & life situations.  One size does not fit all.  Because of this we offer various packages & levels of care for emergent & non-emergent situations.

Comprehensive Nurse Care Management Assessment & Recommendations

  • Price
  • Experienced & Licensed Nurse Care Manager Visits With The Client & Caregiver
  • Key Comprehensive Assessment Components
  • Comprehensive Assessment Findings Review & Plan Development by the Nurse Care Manager with additional insight from the multi-disciplinary health care team members
  • Detailed verbal review and discussion of assessment findings and recommendations with the client & caregiver
  • Written recommendations for the client and caregiver
  • $999
  • 2 Face-To-Face Visits
  • 300+ Point Holistic Person-Centered AssessmentAligned with All Items Related To Optimizing The Client’s Health Care & Quality of Life:  Medical (Body, Mind, Spirit), Legal (Advanced Directives, Power of Attorney), Financial (Cost Considerations), and Home Safety.  The assessment is completed by your nurse care manager, and she will take the appropriate time needed to assess all 300+ items which will ensure that your assessment is of the highest quality.
  • Yes. The plan development will address the client and caregiver needs which are uncovered during the assessment.  Recommendations will be provided which will maximize the client’s quality, safety, service, & efficiency of health care, in an effort to, optimize their quality of life as well as have a plan around meeting their life goals.
  • Yes. The nurse care manager will discuss the assessment findings and recommendations, as well as, answer questions you may have.  Adequate time will be spent with the client and caregiver.
  • Yes. You will receive a document containing your overall plan recommendations.
We serve many of our clients on a consistent basis.  Often, after the client completes the assessment and recommendations, they request that we manage their overall plan for the short and long term.  This approach not only enhances the continuity of care for the client and caregiver, but also reduces stress, anxiety, and all the feelings associated with being overwhelmed.  It also frees up a significant amount of time for the client and caregiver which allows both to be able to focus on the things they enjoy.  We are happy to serve as your health care advocate because our specialty is “you”.  For ongoing services, pricing is:
Comprehensive Nurse Care Manager Services = $109/hour
Care Manager Assistant Services = $35/hour