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In Touch at Home

When you or a loved one in your care wants to remain in their home, but you need to be sure they can do so and stay healthy and safe, In Touch at Home can be the perfect solution, with two very special components.

Staying in Touch Onscreen
In Touch at Home includes a customized, easy-to-use touchscreen system that can provide:

  • Medication and appointment reminders,
  • Video chat - with family members or healthcare professionals,
  • Activity and vital signs monitoring with 24/7 reporting,
  • Weekly email summaries.
  • ...and more.

The In Touch at Home system can accommodate medicines, vital signs, past medical history, glucose levels, blood pressure, appointments and other important information. It sets a baseline, then recognizes changes in behavior and provides alerts based on the individual and the family members’ preferences. This transparent communication also gives your care team the information they need to book a check-up or review medication and treatment if needed.

Completely customizable, In Touch at Home can let users share photos and letters, connect on social media, and enjoy video chats with family members or caregivers at anytime. It can even create custom memory games, connect to a favorite healthy recipe or show the latest YouTube video.

Staying In Touch In Person
Our care team is the second component that makes In Touch at Home so special. We stay connected through the In Touch at Home touchscreen as well as phone calls and in-home visits, depending upon the particular need. If a question or concern arises, a member of your care team is literally one touch away.

And if some level of in-home support is needed, whether with light housekeeping, bathing, transportation for appointments or errands, meal preparation and more, our trained, trusted in-home professionals can lend a helpful hand, a friendly ear and a warm smile.

The Less-Stress Solution
One key to staying healthy at home is knowing that you and those you love feel good about your decision and know that your needs are being met. In Touch at Home removes that element of doubt for everyone, allowing each person to enjoy a safe, healthy, happy life at home while still having easy access to caregivers and loved ones, no matter how far away.

Is In Touch at Home Right for You?

When you or a loved one in your care wants to remain in their home, but you need to be sure they can do so and stay healthy and safe, In Touch at Home can be the perfect solution, with two very special components.

    For You:
  • Have there been recent changes in your health?
  • Do you want to live in your own home as long as possible?
  • Have you forgotten to schedule or show up for appointments with doctors or others?
  • Have you sometimes forgotten to take your medicine?
  • Are your family members concerned about your safety?
  • Do you feel you would benefit from some assistance with your health and daily living?
  • Do you have a health issue such as diabetes or high blood pressure that you need help managing?
    For a Family Member:
  • Would having someone check on your family member in real time with online video reduce stress?
  • Do you worry about your family member?
  • Do you live far away from your family member and wish you were closer to check in more often?
  • Would a way to easily connect with your family member positively impact your relationship?
  • Are you concerned with the safety of your family member?

Benefits for You

    In Touch at Home offers you many benefits:
  • Enjoy the independence of living in your own home longer
  • Gain 24/7 access to nurses and Care Navigators
  • Receive a support plan customized for you
  • Transparent communications with your healthcare provider and family members
  • Regain the joy of living independently and remove the stress
  • Better manage chronic health problems
  • Avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency department or doctor’s office

Benefits for Family Members

    Bringing In Touch at Home to your family member offers you benefits that include:
  • Peace of mind about your loved one living independently
  • Easy and regular communication with your loved one and their care team
  • Receive real-time data about your loved one’s health
  • Increase quality of life for you and your family member
  • Less stress for everyone involved

Frequently Asked Questions

How often and in what way are loved ones and friends contacted?

A weekly email summary will be sent from In Touch at Home to appropriate family members. Additional real-time notifications and alerts can be set up and customized as required. You can specify your preferred communication method — anything from calls or texts to emails and more — and all communications are customizable for you and your family members’ specific needs.

If you are worried about a loved one leaving the house late at night, you can set an alert if the door opens after 10 pm.

You can set up an alert that sends you an email when your loved one forgets to take their medicine.

How do I set up In Touch at Home?

You don’t need to worry about a thing! Upon purchase of your In Touch at Home plan, an expert will perform an assessment and customize In Touch at Home based upon your concerns, condition and requirements.

How much does this service cost?

The service is completely customizable and the price is relative to the package you require.

Does insurance cover this?

Our system provides you with a care navigator, a nurse, and touchscreen technology. These three important aspects provide a more complete support plan than you would find in other programs. Unfortunately, this is not covered by insurance at this time.

Is the In Touch at Home service customizable?

Yes, the service is completely customizable and individualized to the client’s concerns and requirements. An In Touch at Home expert works closely with you and your family members to assess current conditions (health and living) and help you decide on a comprehensive support plan.

Who has access to my medical information?

HIPAA regulations require that you have ultimate say in who has access to their medical records. Different degrees of access can be granted by you to family members and friends.

What if I know I need full in-home care for my parent?

Staying Healthy at Home offers a complete range of in-home care and support based on each client’s needs. Our support plans are completely customizable, from minimal to moderate assistance, so we are able to provide a complete support plan for your loved one.

Is my parent really ready for this?

In Touch at Home has the perfect balance between support and independence. We allow your loved one to live at home longer independently. Our support plans are customized based on the needs of your loved one making it perfect for people needing all different levels of assistance.

Does this replace my physician?

No. In Touch at Home is an additional layer of support and monitoring of your health. We work with your physician to ensure the best support plan is in place. You and your physician remain in control of your medical health.

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