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Aging Care Navigation

A team lead by an Aging Life Care Specialist will ensure your loved one receives individualized, top-notch care on an on-going, as-needed basis. Each situation is different, so please call us and tell us about your individual needs, and we will establish a plan of care that will help you and your loved one. Most of these services are provided at an hourly rate. Here are examples of Aging Care Navigation services we can provide:

Short-Term Care Management
An Aging Life Care Specialist will monitor a care recipient for a short time. Are you going to be out of town? We can monitor your loved one while you’re gone so you don’t have to worry.

Home Safety Screening
An Aging Life Care Specialist will go to the home and perform a safety and environmental evaluation to identify potential problem areas to reduce the risk of falls and other injuries. The specialist will make recommendations to improve the home’s safety to help the care recipient maintain independence.

Facility Oversight and Advocacy
Moving an elder into an aging care facility can be complicated and stressful. An Aging Life Care Specialist can assist and oversee all aspects of the care recipient’s move and transition into a facility to ensure safety and comfort. The specialist can also continue on-going care management services, which basically means ensuring the facility is properly caring for your loved one.

Pre/Post-Surgery Care Management
An Aging Life Care Specialist will attend pre-operative and post-operative visits to help manage the process from the planning of the surgery through recovery. An Aging Life Care Specialist can also monitor the client in the hospital, during transfer to another facility, and upon discharge. The specialist can play a key role in helping the client transition back to his or her home and reduce the risk of re-hospitalization.

Doctor’s Office Guidance
An Aging Life Care Specialist can accompany the client to medical appointments and advocate for the client’s best interest, ask questions, take notes, obtain needed refills, help the client implement the doctor’s suggestions, and follow up with the insurance company regarding healthcare. We can also help arrange transportation to and from the doctor for the client if that is what is needed.

ER Trip Assistance
If we can’t attend, we can help by calling the hospital to relay important medical history, sending medical records, advocating for the client while admitted and assisting with discharge.

Reliable Caregiver Recommendation
If your loved one needs a caregiver, whether medical or nonmedical, you want it to be someone you can trust. We can help you decide what kind of caregiver your loved one needs then recommend someone to meet your needs. We can also monitor the caregiver’s work and make sure he or she is providing quality care.

Medication Management
We can fill weekly medication boxes and ensure the client is taking everything correctly. We can also advocate for the client to avoid unnecessary prescriptions and monitor for side effects to make sure the medications are working correctly.

Housing Placement Assistance
If your loved one’s home is unsafe but he or she is not ready to move into an assisted living facility, we can help you identify alternative housing options that are suitable for the client’s health and medical needs.

Resource Connection
Need a different kind of resource not mentioned above? We can help! Some examples include: home health, home repairs that meet ADA requirements, medical equipment, transportation, non-medical caregivers and legal consultants.

Client Education
We will educate you and your loved one about medical diagnoses, medications, and any health related issues.

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