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An Interview with Katie Broom.

“I’m surprised how isolated some people are and how much Staying Healthy at Home can help — but how little they know about us,” said Katie Broom, RN, BSN, BSS, CCM, the intake specialist at Staying Healthy at Home by Diversified Nurse Consultants.

Katie, who works within the Care Navigation, DriveAble and Free Placement programs, is usually the first person potential clients speak with when they’re learning how Staying Healthy at Home can help.

“Oftentimes I’ll talk with a family member who has reached a breaking point,” Katie said. “When I describe what our services are, typically people sound really relieved because they didn’t realize that service even existed.” She has spoken to people in tears, people who have yelled, and people experiencing hopelessness.

Katie said one of her most important roles is offering a fresh perspective on a difficult situation. “We have a lot of great ideas people don’t know about, like extra equipment, new services, available facilities or different ways to approach a situation.”

Some callers seem to see things in black and white. “Either mom will stay home and I’ll go crazy, or I’ll put her in a nursing home, and she’ll hate me forever.” But they don’t realize that modifying the home, seeking adult day services and hiring professional caregivers are also viable options.

She also notes that nurses at Staying Healthy at Home love to help clients communicate with and understand their doctors and or other medical workers. Talking about complicated illnesses or treatment options with a doctor can be intimidating, but not for Aging Life Care Specialists at Staying Healthy at Home. “That’s our wheelhouse,” Katie said. “I’m not intimidated to talk with the doctor, but I understand why other people are.” Having an Aging Life Care Specialist as an advocate allows the patient to just be the patient and focus on his or her health.

Another unique service Staying Healthy at Home offers is administration healthcare follow up: dealing with insurance phone calls, trying to put long-term care benefits into effect or determining if Medicare will cover something. “People can spend hours of their workday trying to deal with this stuff, and often they’re relieved we can do that work for them. We can do it quickly and more effectively because we have a lot of experience doing that type of work.”

At the end of the day, Katie said what she really loves is being an advocate. “Anytime you or I or anyone has expertise in something, I think we really want they want things to be done right,” she said. “We know what people deserve in healthcare and what their rights are, and it’s really important that people get good care and that things are done well and right. There’s such a high consequence when it’s done wrong.”