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It’s really true...there’s no place like home. That’s especially so when it comes to an aging or disabled loved one. Staying Healthy at Home by Diversified Nurse Consultants is on a mission: to provide individualized, innovative, holistic care navigation for elders and those with chronic conditions and to champion education and advocacy to improve health and wellness in the community.

Safety First

Our nurse specialists visit the home and perform a thorough evaluation to identify any safety issues and recommend steps needed to resolve them.

Financial Questions

Our financial screening evaluates both the expected cost of all care, including medical, equipment, pharmaceutical and staff, as well as the individual’s assets, income, benefits and other resources, to determine the level of care that is affordable.

Social Needs

A person’s social interactions play a vital role in their overall health and well-being. Our plan addresses social needs and identifies opportunities for consistent social interaction.

Family Involvement

There are often multiple family members involved in decisions; our team seeks input from all such family members when developing the Plan of Care, and works to communicate clearly and consistently with all family members.

Legal Concerns

Our screening encompasses any legal steps which may be needed, such as assigning Power of Attorney, and referrals to attorneys who specialize in elder care.

Coordination of Care

As nurses who specialize in aging care, we consult with all physicians and healthcare providers involved as we prepare the Plan of Care, so that all health issues are included and addressed.


We’re here to help. If you have a question about your own situation or that of a loved one, we encourage you to call us at 844-580-8338 and speak to one of our Aging Life Care Specialists.