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Staying Healthy at Home Employees Help Build a House with Habitat for Humanity

Staying Healthy at Home (by Diversified Nurse Consultants) employees are used to serving the community outside the office. But earlier this year, they had the opportunity to serve in a different way — by partnering with the New Albany/Floyd County chapter of Habitat for Humanity to build a house.

“It was a meaningful team-building opportunity, doing something outside the normal work environment,” said Trudy Murray, RN, Clinical Supervisor with Staying Healthy at Home. She and the team spent two days working on the house, which primarily involved adding siding. “I learned how to put up vinyl siding,” Murray said. “I had never done that before.”

The house is for Tess Kessinger of Clarksville, Indiana. “Tess was in an automobile accident about 11 years ago and sustained a spinal cord injury,” said Karen Carmickle, Volunteer Coordinator/Office Manager of New Albany Floyd County’s Habitat for Humanity.

Tess, who is a paraplegic, needed an entirely wheelchair-accessible house, which the H4H chapter had never built before. The house features lower kitchen cabinets, and light switches and plugs are all situated lower on the walls than they would typically be. Additionally, the house’s hallways are wider.

“Habitat will bring me back a sense of normalcy, and this is the final piece of the puzzle because I have a job, I’m as functional as I’ll probably ever be, I have a license…but I want a place to live as independently as possible,” Kessinger said.