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Medical Power of Attorney

The Purpose of a Medical Power of Attorney

“We can represent the client in a way that’s true to what they really want.”
— Katie Broom, RN, Certified Care Manager

A Medical Power of Attorney is someone who steps in and communicates with the doctors what your wishes are after you are no longer able to make decisions for yourself. Having a reliable Medical POA is absolutely essential to ensure your healthcare wishes are honored and, if necessary, to ensure a dignified death. A DNC Aging Life Care Specialist will provide the paperwork and ensure it’s notarized appropriately to become the client’s Medical POA. When the time comes, the Aging Life Care Specialist will discuss the client’s wishes with a board of medical professionals, who will work together to agree on the best possible decisions to make. New clients are required tocombine this service with the Holistic Health Assessment. Current clients will complete an alternative assessment to determine his or her preferences, values and wishes, including their intentions regarding healthcare and their end-of-life decisions.

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