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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Company...

What makes Staying Healthy at Home different?

We’re all Aging Life Care Specialists with medical backgrounds, and every care team is led by a nurse. Our founders have not only served as nurses and healthcare professionals but have also cared for their own loved ones who faced dire health concerns. Staying Healthy at Home was established to ensure elders and those living with chronic conditions receive individualized, quality care so they can enjoy the best quality of life possible. We’ve traveled the difficult road of the caregiver before, and we don’t want you to make this journey alone.

Where can I find information that can help me care for my aging loved one?

Check out our blog. The Aging Life Care Association is also a valuable resource. Call us anytime for your free screening to discuss how Staying Healthy at Home can help you.

I’m a nurse. Can I work with Staying Healthy at Home?

We’d love to hear from you! Click here to contact us. Be sure to designate whether you are an individual seeking employment or an organization that may be able to partner with us.

About Our Services...

Who are your services for?

Staying Healthy at Home’s services are for elders and those dealing with ongoing health concerns. We also serve as consultants for attorneys and financial planners who want to help their clients make complicated health decisions. Please give us a call so we can talk about your individual situation and about how we can best help you.

What is an Aging Life Care Specialist?

An Aging Life Care Specialist is a medical professional with training in life care planning. That means he or she has specialized training in designing and enacting individualized care plans for aging clients and those dealing with ongoing health concerns. No matter what age a person is, he or she is aging. That’s why Aging Life Care Specialists not only help elders but also those living with chronic conditions or disabilities.

What is care navigation?

We’re glad you asked. Care navigation involves helping clients find their way through the complicated healthcare system. How can I find a home caregiver I can trust? How can I enjoy the best quality of life possible after a life-changing accident? Does my mom need to be in an assisted living facility? How can I best maintain my health using the settlement money I got from my accident? Who will take care of my aging father when I’m out of town? These are all questions experts at Staying Healthy at Home can answer. Read more about Aging Care Navigation or Condition Care Navigation or contact us to talk about your unique situation.

How can I talk to someone at Staying Healthy at Home about my individual situation to see if I need your services?

Contact us via email or by phone. We look forward to discussing your individual situation and determining how we can best help you.

I have a long-term care insurance policy. Does it cover your services?

This varies policy by policy. You can call and ask the company if they cover our services. If you opt into our services, we can contact them for you.

What does Medical Power of Attorney mean?

A Medical Power of Attorney is someone who has legal permission to make crucial medical decisions for you after you are no longer able to make or express decisions for yourself. How long should you be on life support? Which memory care facility should you be in? Our team of experts will discuss your wishes with you now then decide as a group how to best carry them out once you’re unable to decide for yourself.

My loved one has just been in a terrible accident, and we’re not sure how to proceed. Can you help?

One of our specialties is ensuring our clients continue the healing process once they’ve left the hospital. We also have experience helping make living spaces accessible to people with disabilities and helping families decide how best to spend settlement money to help the person affected by the accident. We’d love to talk with you about how best to care for your loved one. Read more about Condition Care Management or contact us to talk about your situation.

What geographical areas does Staying Healthy at Home cover?

We provide services in the Lexington, Ky.; Lousiville, Ky.; and southern Indiana and Indianapolis, Indiana areas, but we encourage you to contact us even if you live outside our general service areas. We would like to connect you with reliable care navigators to assist you.