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Client Stories

Wheatley helps client get treatment for brain bleed

“I told them she needed to go back to the emergency room. They didn’t want to send her. I called administration and said, ‘If you don’t send her out, I’m going to call 911.”
— Barbara Wheatley, RN

Hopkins assists woman affected by paralysis

“All the things we do every day—she could no longer do for herself.”
— Brenda Hopkins, RN

Hopkins helps daughter care for her father

“Even if a client meets you at the door with a big smile on...they have a vulnerability you might not see at first.”
— Brenda Hopkins, RN

Mills helps client manage finances

“I found a couple food banks in her area, and she was just overtaken with joy.”
— Chasity Mills, RN

Mills helps client obtain important medication

“She was going to have to pay over $700 per month for a necessary medication.”
— Chasity Mills, RN

Closson assists a client in a difficult living situation

“She felt she had no options.”
— Karen Closson, RN

Broom shares what it means to make a difference

“'I haven’t felt this much hope since all this began,' a new client’s daughter said.”
— Katie Broom, RN

Dalton helps client get treatment for foot infection

“The wound care clinic called and thanked me because the infection was so bad it was about to really make her sick.”
— Kim Dalton, RN

Byrd helps client reduce blood sugar

“I got her to track what she ate...the doctor was able to use that information to tweak her medicine.”
— Michelle Byrd, RN

Haq helps client recover from three strokes

“He’s really thriving and participating in activities and able to manage a lot more of his care than he was when he came to us.”
— Shara Haq, RN

Rechtzigel assists man who had brain bleed

“I feel like if I hadn’t visited that day, something terrible could have happened to him.”
— Stefanie Rechtzigel, RN

Platt helps man who was removed from abusive situation

“[The client] is now back in control of his own well-being.”
— Tish Platt, RN