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Bridging the Distance

Jane Samuel, who lives in Kentucky, became especially concerned about her New Jersey-dwelling parents when she learned her mother had cancer. “There was no way they could continue living on their own,” Jane said.

Jane knew her parents needed to move to Kentucky, but finding an appropriate living space her parents would agree to live in — and then moving them in — were daunting tasks. Her parents didn’t want to be separated and still wanted to live on their own.

Tish Platt, an Aging Life Care Specialist with Diversified Nurse Consultants, helped Jane find a place for her parents to live with as much independence as possible. “There’s no way the move would have gone this smoothly without Tish’s help,” Jane said. “I don’t know if I’d have my mental health without her.”

Jane’s Aging Life Care Specialist helped her find reliable caregivers, and made sure they properly cared for her parents. “Tish was my go-to person for any questions I had about my parents’ medical issues,” Jane said. “She is also a great listener. I wouldn’t have survived the process emotionally without her.”

Eventually, Jane’s mother passed away. Soon after, it became clear that her father would not be able to live on his own much longer. “I know that he couldn’t have lived at home as long as he did without Tish’s help,” Jane said. They visited care facilities and interviewed employees there to find the right place for her father. “Tish is always very good at talking to my dad in a way that is respectful of his dignity and autonomy,” Jane said.

For five years, Tish helped Jane care for her parents while they lived on their own, managing their medicine and providing expert medical advice. Now Tish visits her father at the facility to make sure the staff is taking into account his individual health needs.

“She’s my medical eyes and ears at the facility,” Jane explained. She has recommended her Aging Life Care Specialist to others in similar family situations. “I would say it’s the best money you could ever spend,” she said. “Tish and I are a team. I say this to her all the time: ‘I couldn’t have done this without you.’”