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As an attorney, you may work with clients who suffer from chronic conditions, live with a disability or experience an accident that leaves them unable to live like they used to. Perhaps a condition is getting worse, and family members are concerned about future costs. Or maybe family members disagree about whether their loved one can live alone.

You can manage the legal aspects of this journey, but what about the medical steps? As Aging Life Care Specialists, we can help work through those important medical questions. We can serve as consultants through the process to help you best serve your clients.

Medical Cost Projections

We can assess future medical care needs and associated costs. The cost projections summarize medical records and project Medicare and non-Medicare medical expenses throughout the claimant’s life expectancy—an invaluable tool in mediation. Projections itemize all medical, equipment and pharmaceutical needs on an annual basis for the expected life of the individual. This is valuable for setting accurate reserves and for settlement negotiations, ideal for claims where a Life Care Plan is not yet needed.

Life Care Planning

We can develop, implement, and oversee a life care plan to help individuals meet their maximum level of independence and achieve their healthcare goals. Life care planning involves establishing a plan of action to care for the client, whether he or she is aging, lives with a disability or has recently suffered from a life-altering accident. The strategy for care depends on factors like medical records, geographical location, family wishes, goals of the patient, treatment team and relevant research.

Life care plans typically take into account medications, supply requirements, wheelchair needs, expected medical care, transportation, special home furnishing requirements, aids for independence, diagnostic testing, patient education and more.

Legal Nurse Advising

We can also provide insight on medical issues unrelated to projected expenses and care plans. We can gather and organize medical records, educate the client about his or her medical condition and the implications, explain difficult medical terminology, propose resources to assist with recovery, and talk with healthcare providers about the client’s treatment plan. Each case is different, so give us a call to see how we can help you and your client.

Medical Power of Attorney (POA)

An Aging Life Care Specialist will provide the paperwork, ensure it’s notarized appropriately, and act as the care recipient’s Medical POA. This means that after a person is no longer able to make decisions for him or herself, we will step in and communicate to the doctors what his or her wishesare. A team of medical experts discusses the client's wishes and the details of the situation before making a decision. New clients must combine this service with the holistic health assessment because that’s how we learn what decisions to make for them when the time comes. Read more about this service.

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