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How We Help: An Interview with Katie Broom.

“I’m surprised how isolated some people are and how much Staying Health at Home can help — but how little they know about us,” said Katie Broom, RN, BSN, BSS, CCM, the intake specialist at Staying Health at Home by Diversified Nurse Consultants.  Read More →

Susan’s Story: Why We Need Aging Life Care Specialists

Susan stretched on the recliner in the hospital room the best she could next to her mother’s bed. It had only been 36 hours since she brought her mother in to the emergency room, but it felt more like a week. Her mother had lived alone for the past year since her father passed. She had been having short-term memory problems but had done pretty well as long as Susan came by the house a couple times per week, except for this week. This week when she had visited, she’d found her mother sitting in her favorite chair in the same clothes she had on the day before, and she looked dazed and drowsy.  Read More →

A Caregiver’s Plight: Living Too Far Away to Help

About 43.5 million Americans provide or manage care for a friend or relative who is 50 years or older, and the number is increasing. Declining physical health and dementia cause many older adults to require more and more assistance as they get older. Ensuring loved ones have healthy meals, reliable transportation, a safe living space, and the proper medication is challenging even when the caregiver lives close by.  Read More →

Bridging the Distance

Jane Samuel, who lives in Kentucky, became especially concerned about her New Jersey-dwelling parents when she learned her mother had cancer. “There was no way they could continue living on their own,” Jane said.

Jane knew her parents needed to move to Kentucky, but finding an appropriate living space her parents would agree to live in — and then moving them in — were daunting tasks. Her parents didn’t want to be separated and still wanted to live on their own.  Read More →

Staying Healthy at Home Employees Help Build a House with Habitat for Humanity

Staying Healthy at Home (by Diversified Nurse Consultants) employees are used to serving the community outside the office. But earlier this year, they had the opportunity to serve in a different way — by partnering with the New Albany/Floyd County chapter of Habitat for Humanity to build a house.  Read More →

Educating Others for Better Health: A Talk with Anne Rich

“We advocate for our clients when we see that there’s a problem,” said Anne Rich. ”Whether it’s medicinal or personal psychological—anything that comes up.” Anne’s strategy for advocacy involves education—for both clients and fellow Aging Life Care Specialists. At Staying Healthy at Home by Diversified Nurse Consultants, she not only works in private pay care navigation and helps keep Humana patients out of the hospital, but also serves as a nurse educator.  Read More →