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About Us

We take a holistic approach to helping aging people and others with ongoing health concerns. That means we help each person find care that meets their unique health, financial, legal, emotional and safety needs.

If you’re an older person facing all of the challenges that aging can bring — or if you’re caring for an aging or disabled loved one — you may feel overwhelmed.

  • How do you navigate a confusing and complicated healthcare and insurance system?
  • What are the right financial and legal steps to take?
  • How can you help when you don’t live near your loved one?
  • How can you make sure every family member is part of the process?

That’s where we come in.

We’re Aging Life Care Specialists.

All Staying Healthy at Home employees are Aging Life Care Specialists and licensed medical professionals. This means we have extensive training and experience caring for elders and those with ongoing health concerns. Many organizations with similar services do not employ people with medical backgrounds. Additionally, a nurse leads every one of our care teams.

We’ve Been In Your Shoes.

Our founding partners have all cared for aging or disabled loved ones. And they experienced first-hand the struggles of navigating the maze of providers and payors. DNC was born out of that shared experience and from a passion for helping people in similar situations.

Our team of Aging Life Care Specialists has extensive experience with healthcare providers, insurance companies and government agencies like Medicare and the Veterans Administration. So we’re uniquely suited to advocate on your behalf and to help you make informed choices.

We Cover All the Bases.

We’re a single source for all your caregiving needs. We’ll either help you directly, or guide you to someone reliable who can help. We can:

  • Complete a holistic health assessment to uncover all your loved one’s needs
  • Help you care for a loved one after a life-changing accident or illness
  • Manage medications
  • Make a living space safe for your aging family member
  • Help you find a suitable facility (e.g., nursing home) for your parents (this service is free!)
  • Ensure your family member is safe and cared for if you’re too far away to help
  • Serve as your medical power of attorney
  • and more. See a full list of our services.